Getting Out of the Way


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Excuse me, can you please get out of my way?

It is something we often want to say to people standing in front of us. But what if it’s us who are in the way of ourselves?

I know I am sometimes guilty of getting in my own way. I seem to have the ability to help others see things clearly, so it is rather irritating that I cannot always do the same thing for myself. Observations of myself and others have lead me to the conclusion that usually, the only person getting in the way of what we want to achieve or do, is us. We get so caught up in our own situations that it can sometimes be difficult to see clearly what direction we need to take. There are so many options, and that can be daunting. Often, inactivity ends up being the result just because we feel so overwhelmed.

I admire those who seem to have such focus and dedication to their goals. People like olympic swimmers for example. They usually gather a team around them to help guide and keep them focused. For us regular folk however, often there isn’t anything we want to do that badly, and even if there is, rarely do we have the team of experts on hand to keep us on the straight and narrow. We often end up with so many distractions that leave us questioning whether or not we are doing the right thing for where we think we want to head. If you are like me, sometimes the shiny new thing can look appealing enough to take you off course, even if it is only for a while, which means you then have to correct your steering and get back on track.

Fear that you may miss out on something if you give it up can also keep you in your own way, as can doing what you deem as the sensible thing rather than doing what you really want. For me this happens when there are parts of something that I really enjoy but other parts I could happily burn. It can send me swinging from feeling committed to something, to wanting to run as far away from it as I can.

The trick for me is to remind myself that it is really only me and the actions I take that will head me in the right direction. Not the thoughts I have, or the dreams and fears. It is the action I take regarding these thoughts, dreams and fears that will make the difference. Keep it simple. Do something that takes you towards what you want, even if it is a little step, and then do what comes next.

The difference between someone like me and the swimmer I was talking about earlier is that I don’t necessarily like to make detailed long term goals and then stick to them fastidiously. I like options. And perhaps because I am like this I am always going to get a little bit in my own way. But as long as I can move when I need to, I figure all will be ok!

Til next time…



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