On Being Gywneth


Hello World!

I apologise in advance but I, like many others it would seem, have to have a Gwyneth vent.

Gwynnie, Gwynnie, Gwynnie. If ever there was someone who should keep a good supply of duct tape in her handbag to stop herself from saying stupid things, it’s her. While she has been busy living her awesome life and letting us all know that we too should be aiming to live the same way, what she is really doing is sharing how far away from reality she is. You have to wonder, does she purposely try and alienate herself from the world, or does she really just have no idea?

She has always seemed a little out there to me. Even when she managed to land one of the hottest rock stars for a husband, instead of getting cooler she just got weirder, i.e. the naming of a child after a piece of fruit. Then there was the release of the recipe book, followed by the marketing campaign telling us that we should all follow this diet to be healthy like her and her family. Never mind such pesky issues as the fact it would cost you around $300 per day to buy the ingredients, and that it contains names of things that sound more like diseases than healthy and delicious foods. Now she has outdone herself with this ridiculous description of what is simply a sad marriage break up, the ‘conscious uncoupling’. Gwynnie, just so you know, in the real world we just break up.

But people, it seems we must be a little more sympathetic. Apparently, according to Gwyneth, it’s so hard to be a movie star and a mother, much harder than it is for any other working mother. Poor Gwynnie. The rest of us working mothers have had it so easy over the years, you know, not having to worry about what all of our nannies are up to, because our children are in a daycare centre with so many other children that the care givers don’t have time for any shenanigans. All of this is going on far away from our homes because that’s what the average working parent’s budget so generously allows for. Aren’t we so fortunate that we don’t  have to invest in a nanny-cam? Lucky us.

Apfel_05Mmm … no wonder most of the universe thinks she is a nutter.

So where is it that the line is crossed when some people become successful and famous, and follow this with a sudden loss of a sense? Is it that they get so far removed from reality that they start believing their own nonsense, or have they always been a little like this? I guess we only know our own normal, but surely when the majority of the world does not live the way you do, you would notice that it is not the same for all and not use your success as an excuse for making stupid things up. Some famous folk manage to keep relatively normal. I always find refreshing the likes of Hugh Jackman who seem genuinely grateful for all of the good things they have in their lives, but humble enough to not let it separate them from everyone else. Oh and Hugh is way hotter than Gwyneth.

There is a light at the end of all of this and it is one for the ladies. Chris Martin is now available. And he is probably really hungry so you might want to keep an eye out at your local burger place. Yippee for small miracles.

Til next time…



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  1. Love your post and so true. Is Gwyneth really that removed from reality? Unfortunately there are quite a few people who do not know when to zip it. Everyone says things they regret and sometimes things come out the way they shouldn’t but honestly some people just have no grace or sensor.

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