Try a Little Kindness…


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120px-GoodHeart_Barnstar_HiresHere I go, on about choice again… But this time I’m talking about the choice to help or not.

Watching ‘The Blind Side’ recently got me thinking about why some people can find kindness at no matter what potential cost, while others look the other way and are too scared to do anything. Some, like the mother in this story, can find it in their hearts to help in the most unlikely way.  Leigh Ann Tuohy, the woman portrayed in this movie, saw a need in a boy that overtook any fears for her or her family’s safety. Had she gone with the stereotype of a young black man from the wrong side of town, she may have jumped to the conclusion that this boy would attack and rob her in some way. But instead she chose to offer him a bed for the night, and in doing so she offered him hope and eventually a family. Women like this we imagine to be more likely to hold a some sort of fundraising benefit rather than actually help an individual. They help but from a safe distance. I wish I could say that I would do the same as Ms Tuohy but I don’t think I could bring a stranger into my home the way she did. I do help out in my own way, both with my time and my money, but nothing on this level. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for this lady.

I know some very kind souls who have chosen to earn their living giving to others. They accept lower wages than they may get in the corporate space and do this willingly. The are rewarded by the good that comes out of their often thankless and soul destroying work. The same can be said for those who can find it in their hearts to foster children needing a safe home. I really take my hat off to all of these people as there are not too many of us that are willing or able to do this. 

The good thing here is that we can all help in some way, and that we can choose how we help. It doesn’t need to be as huge as what Ms Touhy did but can still make a difference to someone’s life. Just something that comes from the kindness of your heart. After all, isn’t that what giving is all about? Sharing something because you want to, not just because you can.

So what makes us choose they way we do or don’t help others? Who knows. The point is that we can all probably do a bit more. We all need a hand sometimes and even when we do hopefully we can still in turn find a way to pass that kindness onto someone else. Even if it is just a smile for someone who could really do with one.

Imagine if we all did just a little more to help others, wouldn’t the world be a better place.

Til next time…



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