Checking Your Filters



Hello World!

I wonder sometimes, how many awesome life experiences we miss because we are walking through life with too many filters on. We filter how we act, the way we dress, the jobs we do, even if we don’t really want to. What would you do if you didn’t stop yourself with an “oh I shouldn’t” or a “what would everyone think”? What would your life look like if you loosened these filters a little?

Filters can really get in the way, even with the things we do day to day. We get stuck when we are attempting tasks because we are trying to be perfect from the get go, and in doing so we block the free flow of thoughts that might come to us if we weren’t. Rather than waiting for the perfect ideas, which as we all know rarely come instantly, just do something. Take some sort of action and it is amazing what other ideas will come. You may never use your original ideas but at least you have taken the filters off and are allowing yourself to go with what comes to you. I think that is what happens when people leave things to the last minute and say they work better under pressure (I have certainly been guilty of doing this!). I don’t think it’s that we come up with any great ideas that we couldn’t have come up with earlier. It’s just that by then we are so desperate to get the task done that we throw anything down and build on that. The filters are loosened. How many times have you come up with something great at the last minute and thought ‘why didn’t I think of this before’ but then of course not had the time to finish it properly. The thing is you probably could have come up with this idea sooner if you had taken the filters off earlier.

Of course we can’t live life without any filters and there are definitely some people who could do with some more – a certain politician hailing from Queensland with fish and chips on her CV comes to mind… We all know people who say or do things without any regard for what it means to themselves or others. It can just be downright annoying, but in other cases it can be hurtful and mean, sometimes even devastating. There are folk amongst us who could really do with a major filter service. I am not talking about the  occasional outbursts when we do or say something we are sorry for because we are all guilty of this at times. The difference is that some of us will take on board what we have done and be careful to not repeat it in the future, whereas others won’t care.

Teaching children to understand filters is one of the balancing acts that comes with parenting. You want to save your child from hurt and disappointment so its easy to put lots of restrictions on them in order to keep them safe. The problem is, a lot of the time these are things they need to find out for themselves so they develop a good balance of their own filters. How many people grow up and get busy doing what they think they should be doing, rather than going with their desires, only to end up really unhappy, or rebelling against too many restrictions sometimes with dire consequences.

Here’s to clear filters for us all!

Til next time…



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  1. I loved reading this post. Thankyou for writing it. It is sad when you wake up one day really upset that you never started what you wanted to earlier because you thought someone had put you on the right one to begin with. You only changed because like you said you get unhappy. Thanks again.

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