Changing it Up


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As we delve into 2014, many of our new year’s resolutions begin to fall by the wayside. We make them with the best of intentions as we know things need to improve in certain areas of our lives, so we can live a better one. The thing is, these resolutions involve a change of some sort and that is where we usually come undone. We form habits, good or bad, and those habits are hard to break. Even though we know the change is going to be for the better, letting go of those old familiar and somewhat comfortable habits is tough.

Change is often something people choose, whether it be consciously or not. It can be good or bad. Some change however is forced upon us. This change forces us to draw on our inner resilience. For some, that resilience is inherent and can be called upon it when its needed. For others it’s harder to find and when they are left in the wake of this type of change, getting past it can seem insurmountable. In the end though, we are left with a choice, we either find a way to deal with it or we don’t. If we don’t find a way to get past an unwanted change that has been thrust upon us, things will simply get worse. We must remind ourselves that life is here to be lived and to merely exist because of something outside of your control is such a waste, especially when there are many who would have given anything for that opportunity. 

Making the choice to change something that will ultimately improve our lives can still be difficult. It might be leaving a job or a relationship that you know you need to leave and no matter how difficult the process is going to be you know you need to do it. Sometimes we tend to take a few steps forward, then fall back into comfortable habits thinking that is not so bad after all because it is familiar. It is important to remember that just because something feels comfortable, it doesn’t necessarily mean its good for you. After all how many of us would go to work in our slippers? They feel comfortable but are not what we need to be wearing to work (unless of course you work for Peter Alexander!).

Some people are naturally more resilient than others but I do believe that it is possible to develop this strength. The trick is, I think, to take little bites into making things better, not try to eat the whole meal at once. In the case of getting healthy, all of a sudden going on a strict diet and work out plan at once is probably going to be difficult to sustain (well for me anyway!). Perhaps adding a walk each day to start with might be what you need to do and build from that. Just do something! It’s amazing how empowering just the knowledge that you have achieved that seemingly small thing really is. The changing a lot of small things can often add up to one big change for the better.

Here’s to some good changes in 2014!

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