Life and Scrabble


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I have come to the conclusion that life is like a game of Scrabble. You dive into the bag that is life, get what letters you get and then it is up to you to make a word from them. You have the choice work on them until you get a triple word score or you can settle with throwing a few letters down each time and seeing what happens. There is also the option of passing on part or all of the game.

While I believe we have an endless supply of choices available to us, some things are fixed and we must learn to work with and around them when necessary. I have learnt the hard way that sometimes life gives you what it will give you and there is nothing you can do about it. Those bad things are inescapable but there are other things you can move around to make them better or worse. No matter what life throws at you, its important to get back up and, to use another Scrabble analogy, try another combination of the letters you have in your pile. Sometimes you need to pass to give you a chance to regroup but be careful that you don’t pass to often or for too long or you may very well miss out on the things that could make your life great.

In life, just like when we play games like Scrabble, we sometimes look at others and think they have everything going right just because they are lucky and things seem to easily fall into place for them to succeed. I find it impossible to believe that everything just magically goes the way people want it to. Generally I believe that those who are genuinely happy and successful in their chosen field are that way because they refuse to accept any other way and work their way to success. They see life for what it is and make the best of what they have available. If what they want is not readily available they manoeuvre things around until either they get what they want or realise the options are truly exhausted and pass until something better comes along.

There are people who let the bad things that happen define them. They almost seem to be wear their pain as a badge of honour and seem comfortable being defined and restricted by what has happened to them. This is sad because they always have the option to shuffle their letters around until they find something better.

Then of course there those who pretend everything is wonderful just to make sure that everyone else thinks they are having a great life, when in fact they are not. This is perhaps the saddest of all because they are more than likely making themselves suffer just so they appear a certain way to others, who in most cases, don’t really care.

As I ponder what may be in store for me in this new year I am certainly planning to get plenty of triple scores, even if I have to make up some of my own words.

How about you?

Til next time…



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  1. While its not a word I personally created Jo, I am constantly ‘inspirated’ by you and your gorgeous daughter. I am constantly frustrated by people who forever blame their misery and poor existence on other people or events. ‘I would have been this if I didnt have this happen, or ‘my mum never let me be me..’ etc etc… I’m sure you know the type. Like you say, there is always a fork in the road, make a decision to turn left or turn right, but make a turn, dont waste your life looking backwards and blaming others for the path you find yourself on.
    I love the scrabble analogy…
    Good Luck and Good Times to you and Caillin in 2014, I hope I get a chance to head down there to see you again soon.

  2. And you can always ask for help as others may see options you hadn’t considered or use a dictionary or ‘Words with Friends Cheat’ to expand your vocab! Sometimes it’s just the experience but aiming for the triple score? Why not!

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