Dollars and Sense


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ImageI read recently that Kanye West had likened what he does on stage to the dangers faced by those in the military or the police force. His logic? Well, he could fall off. Really?! I have never been a fan of the whole Kanye showcase anyway but this was ridiculous even for him. I think his music is just ok at best and the personality we see doesn’t seem to have many redeeming qualities. I am hoping for his sake that this is just his public persona and he really is a nice guy, but that seems rather unlikely. By the way there is a really awesome response by the Brimfield police chief – below is a link to it because if you haven’t seen it it is definitely worth a read.

Its a bit scary that you can get paid more money to make a movie than to run a country. We hear the entertainers say that they work really hard, but do they really work any harder than most of us? Yes they have to travel to other locations and have difficult conditions at times, but then so do many other workers and some of those face the very real fear of being kidnapped, killed or injured.

It seems that for many entertainers their sense of self importance inflates with the amount of money they make which, if they can tap into what the masses want, is potentially gazillions. For the rest of us mere mortals however, no matter how hard we work, whether we are the absolute best at what we do or really are putting our lives on the line for our job, we will never see the dollars that people like Kanye West see. I have been to a few concerts recently and each time I am amazed and a little bit dumbfounded at the power these entertainers have over their audience, and the amount of money people are prepared to pay on tickets and branded paraphernalia so these guys can get richer than most of us can imagine. After going with my daughter to see Taylor Swift I was flabbergasted to read that at just twenty four she is worth $55 million, all because she has a good voice and can put some decent songs together.

Another incredible earner is Judge Judy who gets almost $50 million per year for her television show. While she does obviously have some stress associated with her job – there are some absolute doozies who come into her court room – it is obviously nothing like when a judge is presiding over a murder case. These judges get nowhere near the salary she does.  I have to say though, if I was going to be a “celebrity” then Judge Judy’s job would be the one I choose because, as well as the obscene dollars she earns, she is allowed to tell people off when they are annoying her and get paid at the same time!

So are we paying too much to experience what these entertainers have to offer? I guess it depends from what perspective you are seeing it. The actors and singers making an average living working hard at their craft providing entertainment on a less commercialised level still need to be paid enough to survive so cutting music and cinema prices is perhaps not the way to go. I guess some perspective by those earning excessive amounts is what is required here. Lets hope the Kanye’s and the like have some (or at least learn some) of this and share their excessive wealth with the masses because, it is only because of these masses that they are getting this money in the first place.

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