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I watched an interview with reality television personality Heidi Montag the other day and it struck me how sad her life must be. She was talking about all the plastic surgery she has had, which included ten procedures in one hit, and the regret involved. She went to see the surgeon about one aspect of her face that she wasn’t happy with and this person convinced her that there were other areas needing improvement as well. So she fell victim to the ever growing league who undergo major plastic surgery to fix their “flaws”. From what I could tell in earlier photos Heidi was a very pretty girl before having any surgery and didn’t have obvious  “flaws” that I could see. Sadly however, in succumbing to this pressure to be perfect I think she now looks like a less attractive, unhappy Hollywood clone. She spoke of how she regrets getting so much done, especially so soon. It seems she was not properly counselled by the professionals involved, nor gave it enough consideration herself, that these changes would have a huge impact on her psychologically.

I look at many celebrities and it is obvious that they have spent a lot of money to look like they do, but in many cases I can’t say its an improvement. I am sure many of us would prefer nice smooth skin but when you are looking puffy and plastic with unusually protruding lips and cheeks, I have to ask is this really what we want to see? More often than not the comments we read and hear about people having work done are less than complimentary.

I have no issue at all with bit of tweaking here and there – I sometimes wonder if my eyes may need assistance before they disappear into the saggy business going on around them – and I am all for using make-up and skin care to enhance the features we like or cover up things we are not so keen on. Surely though, at the end of the day you still want to look like you. I had a photo taken last year with a famous celebrity and when I did the obligatory Facebook brag some of my friends asked who it was that I was with because they didn’t recognise her due to some of the “work” she has had done.

I wonder if as a society we will get to the point where we decide that the plastic mould look is not something we consider attractive, or will we just see more of it? Are we going to be walking around like a puffy plastic army? I really hope not. I hope people come to their senses soon and realise that it is often not an improvement, just a change.

I would take my freckly skin, which for so many years I detested, and nearly vanishing eyes any day given the choice to look like Joan Rivers or myself. At least for Joan though, she is a funny person anyway!

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  1. Gosh I love this blog. A lot of the time it is about confidence. For celebrities I am sure the pressure to look good is extreme. Thanks for sharing. Joan Rivers knows how to laugh at herself. You have to have confidence to strut in the skin you have.

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