What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What to Do?


Hello World!

Procrastination can be a tricky bugger. It can creep in ever so quietly. You can flap around being busy all day but when you look at what you have actually accomplished, there are a more than a few not so important things in there. It’s easy to get so caught up in ‘being busy being busy’, we justify putting off the really important tasks that we are not so keen on doing. The world of business is full of complicated plans and reports, KPIs, processes and procedures. We often spend way more time than we need to on these and justify it because its something that our employers or business experts say we should be doing. It seems a good excuse to waste some time, perhaps another form of procrastination?

On the other hand, sometimes procrastination can be a good thing. There are times when I am sitting staring at my computer screen because I can’t think about what to write. I can sit and force myself to write something that is terrible, or I might go with that all of a sudden burning desire to iron clothes (A.K.A. avoidance). When I start to iron clothes and find I am not having fun, it’s funny how ideas start popping into my head. And as a bonus some clothes get nice and smooth in the process. The times when I am trying to think of a solution to a problem within my business and the answer is not coming to me, I often find moving away from it helps. Its amazing how many solutions I have come up with while doing mindless tasks like hanging out washing or re-organising drawers. Lucky for me I have a home office.

Knowing whether the procrastination is going to be detrimental to yourself or your business is the trick. It is important to spend some time working out the difference between taking some time to reassess and think about something and pure time wasting, but make sure doing this is not just another way of procrastinating! If it is something that just has to be done, as much as you don’t want to, you know the answer. I find sometimes I need to keep a check on myself and regularly ask myself’ why am I doing what I am doing at this moment’. If you have a nagging feeling of guilt about not doing something, that is possibly a really good indication that you may be procrastinating.

But what if you find yourself constantly procrastinating over a lot of things relating to your work and the mere thought of doing those things fills you with dread? It may be time to face the fact that what you are doing is not right for you. While you can never expect every aspect of your job, or life for that matter, you really want to enjoy most of it. If you don’t perhaps it may be time to rethink your future. Lets face it, no-one wants to merely exist living a life they don’t love.

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