The Beyonce Effect


Hello World!

This week I had the privilege of seeing the Queen B in action. And she was amazing.

Beyonce oozes coolness. She is beautiful, on the outside, and it would seem, on the inside.  Her strong sense of self comes across in all of her lyrics and actions. Her stage presence almost dares someone to take her on. Of course no-one would because you know that is a war she would win hands down. She even announces to the audience that in ten years time we are going to remember we went to a Beyonce concert.

So how does she do it because lets face it, there are plenty of folk out there who are as talented and beautiful as her. I think the difference is that Beyonce has an awesome sense of self and and the courage to do what is right for her. She manages to be a superstar and a humble human being at the same time. She embodies a strong independent woman while being a gentle wife and mother. She knows the right boundaries to push and when to hold back. A great example of a human being who knows who she is.

It’s a similar situation when you have children growing up in terrible circumstances with limited, if any, positive role models. Some fall into whatever lifestyle is going on around them, be it drugs or crime, but others seem to rise above it all and succeed in their lives almost despite their upbringing. They too seem to have a really strong sense of self, not to mention coping skills.

It seems that as a society we get busy educating our children in a scholarly sense but we forget to help them to learn about themselves and most importantly to trust themselves. We teach them they must conform to a system, even if it goes against their being. If they don’t fit the mould they are often labeled with learning disabilities or behavioural problems and their self esteem, and therefore sense of what is right for them, plummet. Some get through and thrive but those tend to be the ones who are lucky enough to have an inherently good sense of self or a positive role model, be it someone they know or the Beyonce’s of the world.

If you doubt yourself and don’t have good resources around you, take notice of Beyonce and the like. Read about people you admire and who’s beliefs resonate with yours. Watch movies, from Rocky through to Devil Wears Prada. Lets face it, who didn’t love it when Rocky KO’d his opponent and when Andie stuck it to Miranda Priestly.

I think there is a little Beyonce in all of us, we may just need to dig a little to find it.

Til next time…



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