Just Do It!


Hello World!

Oh the wisdom of the child. The uninhibited wisdom of a child. 

When you see a child playing schools, or trucks or whatever it is they are playing, they are so engrossed in what they are doing and for that time they believe they are that person. They believe they can be a doctor or teacher or ‘boss’. They have no doubts. It is only as we grow up those doubts begin to seep in. For most of us there really is no good reason why we can’t follow the path of our dreams, but we let convention and what others think is best for us to creep in. We start to think about financial consequences – usually the negative type – or if it will make us less than attractive to potential mates and friends. We wonder what will our family think. Small children don’t think like this. They just think about what they want to play and who they want to play with and do it. If there is no-one else around or they are too shy to play with someone else they make up their own games. A perfect view of the world, until the grown up world starts planting doubts in their little minds.

This blog is part of my dream to be a writer. This dream was put on hold because I let things I thought I should be doing instead get in the way. From a young child I have always wanted to write but got busy with life, family and ‘real’ jobs. I have never been able to let go of this hankering feeling that writing was what I should be doing. Over the last couple of years I began to potter with it, starting many pieces but finishing none. I never really found anything I was confident to run with and the thought of ever showing anyone my work was terrifying. I decided to enrol in a five week creative writing course and during that course we had to put our work up on a group discussion board. Very scary, but it got me to put my work out there for others to see and critique. This in turn gave me the confidence to set up the blog and put up my first post. It was a very confronting feeling to have something I wrote out there so that anyone could see, but also quite empowering. Thank you technology!

I have huge admiration for those who are able to pursue their passion without letting what they “should” be doing stop them. One in particular stands out for me. An Aussie lady Kirsty Spraggon left a successful real estate career to build up a professional speaking career, then left the country to pursue her dream of having her own talk show in the US. Her philosophy was that she could live with giving it a go and possibly losing everything more than she could live with not giving it a go. An awesome view. I try and implement that in my decision making now. I ask myself what is the worst that could happen and can I live with that more than living with not trying something. Its quite amazing the clarity this way of thinking has given me. 

I think Nike were really on to something – just do it!

Til next time…



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  1. Hi,
    You may not have realised it but you have realised your dream… You ARE a writer! How good a writer you will be, will depend a little on how well you hone your skills, and on how strongly you hang on to that childish ‘wisdom’ you described so well at the start of this post.

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