Help, I am Being Experted!


Hello world!

I think we are in danger of being overrun by experts.

As I society we seem to follow the trend on how to do business or live our lives according to what the latest wave of experts are saying. As part of my other life I do a lot of business networking. This often involves listening to professional speakers touting the best way to achieve success. They talk about following this process or that formula being the only way to stay ahead of your competitors. Throw out your old beliefs and systems, they say, I can work with you to take your business to the next level, they say. A common theme I am seeing is that we should not say our ‘boring’ actual job title and that we need a tag line like  “I help small business to..” or “I help people achieve…”.  Apparently as a mortgage broker I should be saying things like “I help families achieve their dreams”. What, am I giving them a butler and a bungalow over the water in Bora Bora? Oh wait, maybe that’s just my dream.

It has got me thinking, who are these people and what is their credibility to tell me how I need to run my business? What sort of experience do they have? How can they tell me what I need when they don’t really know me and how I work best? I really enjoy listening to and learning from speakers and books about business, but rather than follow their set formula I take from it the parts that fit with me. I know me and how I work best, and where I fall short. I know there are those who swear by following many of these programs to the letter, great for them but that is just not me. I would go so far as to say that even following the exact formula of Richard Branson, who is one of my business idols, would not necessarily work for me as we are not the same person.

I will stick to working out my own formulas and strategies based on who I am. They are not perfect, but are working for me – well according to my inner expert anyway. For example, I know I am very rarely an early morning person so all the grand plans of getting up early and exercising will remain just that, grand plans. So I do this later in the day and go for a walk. I know that I need variety so finding a micro-niche (another of the more recent business trends) and only working with a certain product or client type would mean I am going to be bored really quickly. Someone else might thrive on the micro-niche as it fits them, but not me. I know from experience that when I try to fit moulds that are based on someone else it usually comes unstuck .

So for now I will continue to say I am a mortgage broker. I will leave the granting of dreams and wishes to the fairies.

Til next time…


PS: Fairies, just in case you read this, I would really like a bungalow in Bora Bora…


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