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The Beginning of the “F@#* It List”


Well here it is – I am now officially a blogger!

Me, I am a 40 something mother, business owner and casual student. I have recently moved to Melbourne and am really loving  life here.

The decision to pack up and move myself my 16 year old daughter was not one that was taken lightly but it think it was the beginning of the “F@#* It List”. I often hear people talking about a ¬†“Bucket List” then recently I came across – on Facebook of course – a mention of a “F@#* It List” (although it didn’t use symbols!). I loved it. We seem to be a society hell bent on planning and saving everything for retirement. Well my life has shown me that you don’t always get there. Yes you need to plan ahead but not at the cost of living in the now.

People are so full of excuses about why they can’t do this and they can’t do that. But they are living a life that they are always wishing was different constantly saying to themselves and anyone who will listen ‘If only I didn’t have to do this’ or ‘if only I could do that’ or the worst one ‘ you are so lucky you get to…”. To them I say if you want to do it then find a way to do it, otherwise shut up and accept that you are not going to do it. Stop complaining about your current situation and get on with things they way they are.

Number 1 on the list for me and my daughter was to travel to New York. Christmas is a difficult holiday for us as it is a big reminder about who is not with us so we tend to try to get away. Last year was Singapore and it was great but New York has been a dream of both of ours. So this year its New York City for us!

Til next time….when hopefully I can learn to make this look pretty!