Does My Business Really Need a Website

If you are a business operating in the 21stcentury the answer is, absolutely yes.

While it is hard to nail down exact figures, some research out of the US indicated that only around 70% of small businesses have a website. In some areas, it was as low as 50%. Interestingly however, of those businesses who took part in the study and said they did not currently have a website, almost 98% said they planned to have one by the end of 2018.

If they hadn’t already, business owners are now seeing the importance of a professional web presence. While it has been ok until recently for those who gained their business via word of mouth or other sources to not give too much thought to the importance of their website, customers now have so much more choice at their fingertips. Rather than rely on one recommendation, they will often ask a few sources for referrals then do their research based on that.


The first thing most people do when they are considering engaging a business’ services, is Google them. You want to project your best first impression here, so having a website that shows your professionalism and expertise could be the difference between the customer selecting you over a competitor.

Your internet presence is an extension of your shopfront, or in some cases it is the shop front. Clients will often base their decision as to whether or not they want to come and shop, on what they see on the website. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a fancy or expensive website. Just a professionally presented, regularly updated and informative site. And with the right SEO strategies in place your website could even become a source of business on it’s own.


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