The Holidays Are Coming!

As we approach the holiday period our focus tends to be on getting through the chaos in the lead up, then on the well-deserved break we plan to take. How our marketing is going to look over the break is usually the farthest thing from our minds. Anyway, most people will be on holidays so no-one will be taking any notice, right?

Wrong! It is because most people are on holidays that you should absolutely make sure you keep up with your marketing. This is the time when those who are normally too busy to scroll through their social media feed, or read an article in full, may be looking with time to actually read the content.

And don’t forget those who will not be on holidays, those who may very well be the decision makers. They could be working on their new year business strategy and it might involve a service or product that you offer.

This is the time of year that people often decide to get their personal and professional lives in order. The service or product you provide may just be what they are thinking about. Finances, housing, health, fitness, relationships … so many things are up for review at this time of year. Even Santa may need a look at what you do to get ready for next year, particularly if this year’s goodies were not acceptable to his recipients!

So what about the fact that you don’t actually want to do work of any sort on your holidays? Well the great news here is that there are a few ways you can still be sitting on your sun lounge contemplating life, while your marketing is taking care of itself.

If you have a bit of social media nous you can look at automating your posts. You just need to set aside a bit of time before you go on leave to prepare your posts and schedule them to show during the break at designated times. There are also simple and cost-effective options to outsource your marketing. This is something we can help you with so get in touch if you would like to find out more. Automating or outsourcing will mean that you don’t need to worry about physically doing any marketing while you are on leave, but it will ensure that you still have a presence to keep you front of your audience’s mind.

Don’t be the one who is not around when your competitors are.

Your content should be mindful that people are most likely on holidays. No-one wants to be sold to or inundated with serious work stuff on their social media feed, especially when they are relaxing. You need to keep it light and interesting. You might even want to do some real-time updates, like sharing part of how you are spending your break. For some brands and their followers, seeing the human side behind the brand can help build the relationship.

Consistency is crucial to keeping your brand and business on track, and this includes your marketing.

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